Well-fed people are the happiest people
We are big-hearted builders, businessmen, cooks, designers, and perfectionists with a desire to serve.

 You will not find us sitting around a desk pushing paper. When we arrive on site we have one mission and one goal – to serve.

We build our smokers and mobile kitchens with the best products, utmost attention to detail and with the essentials needed to work in disaster areas. We have not only cooked and supplied thousands of meals but have helped put a smile on the faces of those who need it the most. And it doesn’t just stop there. Whether it’s cooking, supplying individuals with the everyday necessities that have been lost, helping clear thru the rubble to help a couple find their wedding photo, building shelters, pulling stranded vehicles from high waters or handing a crying baby girl a teddy bear – we do it.

We owe gratitude to our recruitment of like-minded volunteers and supporters that have helped make Triple G Relief possible!

The Numbers
Serving people in need all over the country

Our Mission: To provide freshly prepared, energizing, nutritious and uplifting food to those in need at designated disaster relief locations.